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Having been in the construction business since 1985 allows us more knowledge about adequate quality materials and methodology for building. We construct all types of houses, villas, Factories, Industries, Hospitals, Apartments, complexes, Business centers, and Multi-Dwelling Units. Our responsibility, flair, and sustainability assure your journey toward a pleasant home or workplace. Our quality and professionalism have made us exceptional in the industry for years and have made us one of the best building construction companies in Coimbatore.

We do not build homes alone; we build relationships too.

Meticulous Planning​

We plan each step meticulously from the initial project consultation to the sign-off.

Completion On Time​

Experience and expertise make us work diligently to get it done on time.

Perfect Execution​

We cater to all the little things with extraordinary care to get your building done with perfection.

Affordable Prices​

Utilize the latest technology to provide cost-efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Get reliable construction service to empower you vision

By creating a living environment that is comfortable and harmonious with nature, we strive to ensure that our customers experience joy and satisfaction. We use architecture and engineering principles to create structures that allow sunlight and natural air to flow through, thus allowing natural elements to be part of the home. This helps to create a more comfortable and healthy atmosphere while also making the most of the natural resources available.

Our 25 + years of experience gave us the knowledge to pick the right quality material and identify honest quality material suppliers, manufacturers, and labourers which made to be the top construction company in Coimbatore and around areas. This experience ensures that we remain unmatched in terms of quality and excellence when it comes to construction projects. We focus on safety and sustainability throughout the entire process, from planning to execution. Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence has enabled us to provide superior quality construction services that are beyond compare. We are proud to be the leading construction company in the region.

Build your visionary construction with perfection

One of the key factors to achieving perfection is the utilization of space in an effective way. We utilize the full space in such a way as to bring your dream into a big one. Our team of experienced professionals will help you maximize the potential of your space. We are dedicated to creating a unique and functional design that suits your lifestyle. ie we do more than what other construction companies in Coimbatore do. We focus to construct that gives more space with minimal area and avoids wastage of space making us the best construction company in Coimbatore.

Constructing with “futuristic ideas” to experience life in a pleasant way to sustain peace and happiness.

We should use technology responsibly and be mindful of the environment. We should strive to build a society where everyone can enjoy the benefits of progress, while still maintaining a healthy balance between human activity and nature. This is the way to achieve true peace and happiness.

We are well aware of “VASTU” which provides a ritual architecture and a belief for a growthful living. And we believe that the five properties of living (panchamahabhutas) earth (pritvi), water (jala), fire (tejas), wind (vayu) and space (akasha) are more important in construction.

We utilize the five properties diligently that bring you peace and happiness which makes our construction the best in and around Coimbatore. By emphasizing these five properties, we can make sure that our construction stands out as the most tranquil and joyful in and around Coimbatore.

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We are interchangeable with high-quality construction and careful planning. A concerted and skilled approach has resulted in the company expanding excellent projects in the city of Coimbatore, be they Contemporary or Traditional. We also undertake other industrial construction thus making us the best civil construction company in Coimbatore.


Client Staisfication



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Contemporary Architecture

Why do people prefer contemporary architecture these days?

Contemporary Architecture is all about effortless and effective living. The form always follows function—that is, the design of an unintended purpose. Simplicity is the key motto here.

Contemporary architecture can be identified with its crisp and clean style with due innovations in creating open floor plans. The large windows provide an airy feel. Natural light is a great weapon here. It cuts energy costs by half. We consider materials and construction performance of everything including its future life and try to make buildings that not only look good but also do well for nature.


We are workplace specialists who combine functionality and design that would help in building places of worth and recognition. We don’t just construct lifeless and uninteresting huge areas. we believe that these places are also occupied by people. So a well-organized, beautiful, and systematic work environment will result in a positive work environment, which can help you in more revenue. As one of the top construction companies in Coimbatore, we believe that simple designs with a lot of air and light and a good natural lawn would give you a good industrial building.

Custom Villas

Our home designs are given considerable importance to aesthetics, minimalism, space management, and quality built within time bound.  all our home designs and plans are in adherence with Vasthu. If you are looking for Individual House Construction Builders in Coimbatore fora customized individual style. Villas in Coimbatore, you are in the right hands. Our team is developing the most desirable and finest projects that are so breathtakingly plush, that you will not have the eyes to look away.  Supreme quality and the finest finish are what we can promise when we deliver every individual villa.

Tourist Resorts

If you are looking for Resort home builders in Coimbatore then look no further. The overall design and construction must be in tune with the place of construction, like, it differs from a seaside resort, hilly resort, or valley resort to an urban business resort. Thus the clients who come to GRHA Builders are supplied with ultimate solutions with a long vision for the future We have a proven track record of delivering 5-star Resorts on time, on budget and to plan, making us the partner for many.

Professional builders specialized in domestic and commercial buildings

GRHA Builders is perfectly placed giving you the best of both worlds, the ability to admire city life as well as being able to enjoy living in a rustic townlet.

Why are we the best construction company in Coimbatore?

Since the company was established in 1985, great builders have quickly built a prestige for building homes that combine the highest quality interiors with attractive layouts that complete their setting & provide the ideal place for families to live and grow. To add Our commercial spaces are one of a kind.

Our Story

We being focussed on building inclusive, stand out from other construction companies in Coimbatore. We work in and outside Coimbatore and have always maintained our quality in whatever project we undertake. Built to the same exacting standards, our buildings feature the highest quality fixtures and fittings throughout. We have always in credit an excellent reputation as a home builder, thanks to our experienced staff, commitment to quality, and unparalleled customer service. Our team works with clients to support them find the perfect home to grow in, and provide all the help and support needed to make moving into the Home a free and easy experience. As a company, we have always been to deliver innovation alongside our inspirational home designs.

We’ve evolved into one of the builders, receiving honors for our homes and giving hundreds of families unique, attractive, and well-built homes that are the ideal place to call home.

Our Strengths


We have been in this field for years and have a long history of providing quality products and services to our customers. Our team is made up of highly experienced professionals who are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction. We strive to make sure our customers have an enjoyable and hassle-free experience.

Perfect Workmanship

Our team is always available to help out when you need it – no matter what the project Whether you need advice on a tricky problem or just an extra pair of hands to get the job done, we’re always here to help. We’ll do whatever it takes to make sure your project is successful. Our experience with a multi-faceted team of Customer service specialists, Architects, Business Consultants, Project Managers, and Site Engineers.

Our Team

Our team of engineering professionals has the expertise and experience to accurately assess the needs of the project and ensure that all the requirements are met. With our zero error tolerance approach, we guarantee the highest quality of engineering and fabrication that meets the customer's expectations.

Competitive Price ​

We provide an all-inclusive, cost-effective solution and complete projects quickly while keeping to rigorous deadlines. professionals construct the project using a superb architectural design and pay close attention to every small detail stated by the customer.

Commitment to Client's

On-time project schedules, realistic budgets, apt project timelines, and customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of successful project management. It is important to ensure that resources are properly allocated and utilized promptly. Regular communication and feedback from stakeholders should be sought to ensure the successful completion of projects.

Best Architecture Design​

It creates unique spatial and functional experiences while recognizing simplicity as the crucial essence of a promising design. Quality design should be tailored to its goal and environment. It should be efficient, effective, and aesthetically pleasing. Ultimately, the design should be timeless, creating an experience that endures and adapts to varying times.

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Renovation Services

We provide all kinds of renovation services required to change the stance of your building
including woodwork, kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, and major structural alterations. We
guarantee high-quality workmanship and customer satisfaction for the service of house
renovation in Coimbatore. We also provide supervision services to keep your property in
top condition. Our team of skilled professionals are committed to delivering exceptional
service. The highest standards of service, with attention to detail and customer is our motto.


We offer methods for a project’s success at every turn of its lifecycle, using industry-
reasonable practice approaches to help decision-making and maintain efficient delivery. We
put in place all of the strategies and supervision to oversee hazards and challenges, establish
practical performance baselines, and appropriate resources to achieve predictable outcomes.

Program & Project Management

We use the latest project management tools to ensure the project remains on track, on
budget, and on time. Our team of professionals will work with you to ensure the project is
completed to the highest standards.. We ensure safety and environmental considerations are
in-built every step of the way.

In Project Management, Planning, Scheduling, and Monitoring play an integral role in
starting from scratch till we deliver the project or house within the period we commit. Stop
Solution to all your construction needs. We maintain strict adherence to the regulations and
guidelines set by governing bodies to ensure that all products, services, and systems are of the
highest quality, safe to use, and as efficient as possible.


Barveen A
Barveen A
My house has just been finished by GRHA builders, and it is now finally open plan. I am blown away by their workmanship and customer service. I would strongly advise you to use them. They are always happy and willing to offer advice. This is the first builder in whom I had the complete trust, and they always made sure to clean up after themselves each day. They never left a mess. They don't take advantage of you, and the cost of the work was very reasonable the best construction company in coimbatore. Give them a call if you are considering any construction work.
Ayswarya Ravi
Ayswarya Ravi
The team was extremely professional and kept me up to date on the progress of my home. My inquiries were promptly and professionally answered by the team. The team was very considerate and helped me during orientation to ensure that most of the defects were discovered and addressed before the move. The team made certain that all requests were investigated and addressed in a timely manner. Building homes with GRHA builders was a great experience. Thank you very much, GRHA!
kothai ramakrishnan
kothai ramakrishnan
I would like to thank Mr. Ramakrishnan! GRHA builders is a trustable construction service provider. I am happy to give them 5 stars because their attention to detail was exceptional and the end result is truly spectacular. They are capable of performing any task, large or small. Finally, it arrived on time and was of high quality. I am pleased with the professional services and would recommend them as the best construction company in Coimbatore
Sree Jayanthi Patteeswaran
Sree Jayanthi Patteeswaran
After the completion of my new 3BHK house, I asked GRHA builders to do a complete refurbishment of my living room and kitchen. They did not hesitate to work on renovating them. It was a messy job but thanks to Ramakrishnan and his team, this was kept to a minimum. Great attention to detail and responsiveness to changing requirements. More than happy to recommend them and will likely engage them again if I need any more work done. Thank you GRHA builders. Great professionalism.
Johni Johni
Johni Johni
Shrivathsa M
Shrivathsa M
VIshnu's Channel
VIshnu's Channel
gowtham mini
gowtham mini
Nice support and giving more suggestions. Happy with their communication.
Good construction builder As mentioned, they build the building in a good manner and use only the best materials For example, they pay attention to whether only ordinary cement is of good quality or whether the client is asking for which type of meterial. If the same quality and honesty continue, more and more clients will come வாழ்த்துக்கள்.
Thaslim Thas
Thaslim Thas
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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a foolproof inspection plan with a checklist and note to conduct inspections. We
correct the deficiencies and verify them at each stage.

If you have a specific, much-loved design in your mind, or perhaps remodeling your old
home, we are grateful to help. We work closely from the start to help you construct your
personal choice.

The normal construction duration is approximately 12-14 months. Although there is a lot of
buffer period provided. Considering all other deterrents this is a very good time to complete
the project. Bear in mind that those estimates are based on our average 3000 sq. ft. build size.
A 6000 sq. ft. home can take longer.

Absolutely! If sustainability is what we are looking for, adding energy-efficient components
is possible.


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