About Us


Who We Are

We consider a Home as a heavenly place to live your live with all good health and happiness. The good health and happiness lies with nature such as goodness of air, sunlight and greens around you that brings peacefulness and happiness. Engineering is the action of working artfully to bring heavenly home. We the GRHA builders started from 1985. We first started to build small houses for our clients which got a good appreciation for utilizing the land space efficiently to build a spacious house. The journey continued with the inputs and feedback from our clients. Hearing from our clients how they expected their home to be. Our motivation to build as expected by the client in fine quality remains our key for success. The main things we concentrate in building the home is to be spacious, filled with goodness air, sunlight and greens to lead a peaceful life.

Why Grha Builders?

“Delivering happiness” by building your dream. “Quality” is the one speaks for generations, that’s what we give. “Economical and ECO – Friendly”, to blessed with nature. Engineering with future ideas to experience the life in a pleasant way to sustain peace and happiness.


Our primary work is to building and constructing. We deal with constructing individual homes, constructing school building, constructing factory, constructing complex, constructing apartments and villa. We build or construct with your ideas to with and fulfilment and satisfaction.

Repairing and Remodelling

We take over the repairing and remodelling works. We take this as a good opportunity to deliver our experience and talent to bring back your dream to you. We deal with all types of repairing works such as Plumbing and electrical repairs, sanitary repairs, carpentry repairs, full house repairing, Gate and stairs repairing etc. We also take over remodelling works such as individual house remodelling, hotel remodelling, factory remodelling, school remodelling, shop remodelling etc.


We also take part in consulting activities that includes designing and planning, estimating, supervising etc.


We also do all types of promoting works.

Our Services

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Planning & Estimating


We design and construct your satisfaction.